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Rev. J B Thornton
Jesse Blackburn Thornton was born 1875 St Joseph, MO and died 1958 Greenfield, IL
grandma noted of his life: 
page 1, page 2  and his grandson wrote:   J B Thornton, Man of Faith
(The biography - J B Thornton - Man of Faith - is a Word document written by Charles G. Thornton)
Those before him - from folder: 1874 before JB
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        Uncle Earle utilized these (2) pages of a family bible in his quest to be listed as a Son of the Revolution. Genealogical record

        Uncle Earle also utilized and made available a "family tree" that we are able to use as a basis to extend our individual branch. It will be published if and when I locate it - that, too, I have managed to misplace.
      Much, if not all of that "family tree" is applied to Dan's personal branch at: 
Dan's Prodigy page


Greenfield to Japan to St.Louis - from folder: 1912-1926......

.... added to 2ndOffer by Kate re. Sonton Peter Butter Factory. 
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You can visit the "Sonton Co." in Japan today in person, as Craig Beebe did, or you can view it on the i-net at Sonton Food Industry. LTD
 You might want an interpreter to assist as you browse this site?

St Louis to Greenfield - from folder: 1927-1950......
3rd Offer, Published 1/17/2019   
            During these years grandpa Thornton was referred to as Pastor Thornton of Hope Congregational Church of St. Louis.  His son David , in his late teens, was the music director of the same congregation. It was during this period that grandpa assisted David in the selection and annotation of the scriptural text that are the basis of the cantata, My Heart Is Glad. The program handout for the first (1940) presentation listing the participants and the text can be viewed and reproduced at:
Scriptural text / annotation from the 1940 program production.
Greenfield to Heaven - from folder: 1951-1958......

the inscription taken from Philippians 1:21
"to live is Christ, to die is gain"

     For the gps location of this burial site, go to:   Jesse Blackburn & Eliza W Thornton