Silvey & Langley   family relationship to   Williams & Metcalf

        This worksheet consists of the lineage of Wm. Metcalf  and Wm. W. Williams . The Metcalf family also includes the families - White, Rasmussen & Price.  The Williams family includes the families of Swiney, McKenzie, Vander Plaats & Thornton, among others.


John Norris m. Mary Newman, their daughter Mary Norris was b. 16 Feb 1718 in St. James Parish, Anne Arrundel, Md.

                             traditional account -  Wm. Metcalf,  b. c. 1715     immigrant (England to N. Car), then to Kentucky during 1786 (3 years after the close of the Revoutionary war)

John Metcalf, born in Yorkshire, England, moved to America at 21 years (1735)

16 Feb 1718
m. Mary Norris (dod unknown, but Silvey notes suggest "she must have died at the time or shortly after William was born on 17 July 1745.)

 DVP wrote:     This is the William who was married to Esther Braselton (b. 24 July 1748 in Frederick Co., MD; died 27 June 1826 at Dawson Springs, Hopkins Co., KY). William's father was John Metcalfe who was born in 1714. He lived in or near Baltimore, MD but not certain he was born there. John was married to Mary Norris who was born on 16 February 1718 in Ann Arundel Co., MD and died 1745 in MD. Her father John (1663) was also born in MD, but his father Thomas was born in Congham, Norfolk, England in 1609. I don't have ancestors for John Metcalfe (1714).   


Anthony (c. 1735), Vachel, George, Mary, Thomas

17 Feb 1741

17 July 1745 William

19 Nov1746
                                      (twins) William & James

17 July 1745                   William Metcalf, son of John (b. 1714) & Mary

                       m. Esther Braselton

                             Children:  1771 - James,    1774 - William  (2 of 11)

Benjamin Williams ? not  validated

m. Winnie Bridges ?

1771                     James Metcalf    b. Guilford Co., NC, 6 Aug 1771  d. 1798 in Shelby Co., KY. 

1750                           m.   Margaret Flemming, 30 Aug 1793 in Winchester, Clark Co., Ky. She was born 1750, Clark, Craven Co., NC., died abt. 1798

                                Children:   John  b. c. 1792 (married Susan)   Martha, b. c. 1796, Jamesb. c. 1798

                         Sam...traditional account...  William Metcalf  (born in N. Carolina, 12/24/1774) moved with parents to Kentucky in 1786 at age of 12 years.
                                            At age 61 he
removed with his family to Illinois during 1835, purchasing a parcel of "wild land" 4 miles east of Greenfield.

                 William Metcalf Jr.         b, 24 Dec 1774 Silvey sketch-1774

                             m. Elizabeth Jones         d. 22 Jan 1852  in Barr Twp. & buried there.                                 

                                         Children:  Susan  b. 20 Nov 1798, Shelby Co., Ky.
                                     Mary  b. abt. 1802, Nancy  b. abt. 1804, Elizabeth  b. abt. 1807, William  b. 1809, John Milton  b. abt. 1815                                       Richard Jones  b. 1 Aug 1817 m. Mary J Buchanon, dau. of Unk & Charlotte (Burbage) Buchanon
                                              James Love b.  31 May 1820, at 15 years the family settled on Section 31 of Barr Twp., Macoupin Co., Il.  

William W Williams
 children:     Milton   m. E A Edwards    Mary Francis   m. John Stickel
Stickel line

m. Lydia Whitehurst
Martha E m. Wm. J. Metcalf
Eliza Jane   m. Edwin Henderson

c. 1792
                   John Metcalf     (son of James  b. 1771)  b. c. 1792                                 
                               m. Susan   b. 20 Nov 1798
                                         Children:  Margaret Elizabeth  b. c. 1815  m. Thomas Davis, 14 Sept 1843, Greene Co., Il.,   James Fb.  c.  1817
William Jones Metcalf  b. c. 1820, Hopkins Co., Ky. m. Martha E (Williams) Reed    

c. 1820                   Milton W. Williams  m.  Elmira Adeline Edwards  1 January, 1851 in Greenfield

                   William Jones Metcalf   (son of John Metcalf, b. c. 1792)

                     m. Martha (Williams) Reed    (dau. of Wm W & Lydia Williams, sister of Milton Williams (m. Adeline E. Edwards)) X

                               Children:  J. Albert

                    David wrote  William Jones Metcalf was first married to Sarah Ann Buchanan. They married on 24 February 1842 in Carlinville, IL. She died c. 1850. He then married                                          Martha E.Williams on 10 July 1853 in Greenfield.     from The Carrollton Gazette July 16, 1853 - Wm. J Metcalf and Mrs. Martha E. Reid were married July 10, 1853


1860                       J. Albert Metcalf

25 Jan.1868                            . m. Minnie Jane Melvin  d.  1 Dec, 1914 (46 years, 10 mo., 6 days) 

                           children - William & Louis         ...she leaves her two sons, her aged mother and her brothers - Sylvester, George W. & Edward.   

                       Albert 'Newt' Williams   

                                 m.  Eloise Calloway

1891                       William M. Metcalf 

                                m. Gladys Driver

                   Edwin Lee Williams    m. 

                              m. Emma Ethleen Riedemann  June 1, 1908  in Citronelle, Mobile, Al.

                         Helen Marjorie Metcalf    dau. of Wm. M. Metcalf

                                m. Robert Langley

                                       Children:   Robert,   Richard,   Bonnie

                    Martha Emma Lee Williams 

                        m. William Henry Draime   3-15-1935  

cir. 1940
                          Bob,   Dick  &  Bonnie LANGLEY 

                     Betty G. (Draime) SILVEY      m.  Otis O. Godwin, Jr.  (1938-1969) 

                             m. Robt. G. Silvey Sr.   (1932-2001)