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David Williams Thornton 
b. October 8, 1911  m. Lorna Peterson  b. February 5, 1911


Mark Twain

An album by the Apollos, Choir of the Missouri Athletic Club
David W Thornton, Director

The performance date and other particulars of this work are unknown.

          6-16-2012 -The file is a non-professional conversion, and as such, is non-enhanced. You hear the "air noise", the hum, the ticks from a scratched record, even an occasional cough that exists on the source record. Current technology may deem the old methods lacking, but in my opinion, few artists today create and present works that are comparable to this.


Track 1, Mark Twain (Title Song) Life Is A River
Artist - Ted Eggerding

Track 2, Annabelle From Hannibal
Artist - Charles Burmeister

Track 3, River Rollin' Past My Door
Artist - Ron Krueger

Track 4, Country Ham & Red Eye Gravy
Artist - The Apollo Quartet with Gene Felt, Banjo Accompanist

Track 5, Remember When
Artist - Bill Casey

Track 6, Gotta Make A Buck
Artist - Don Ware


Track 7, America, My Homeland
Artist - David W Thornton, composer, directing the Apollo Choir

Track 8, Medley - from Fiddler On The Roof
Artist - Orchestra and Chorus with W. J. Dougherty, Narrator
Selections - Tradition, Sabbath Prayer & Matchmaker

Track 9, If I Were A Rich Man
Artist - Harold Whitne

Track 10, Sunrise Sunset
Artist - George Ober

 Track 11, Wedding Dance To Life
  Artist - George Frangoulis

  Track 12, Anatevka
  Artist - Apollo Chorus

 Track 13 - Tradition (REPRISE)
"Thanks to Tom, of the directors family, for the loan
of their L P Album which is the source of this reproduction".