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David Williams Thornton 
b. October 8, 1911  m. Lorna Peterson  b. February 5, 1911

1972 production of the cantata presented at "Hope Church on Brown Road".

To view the scanned images from the program handout for this
production and the images taken from the 33 1/3 record jacket, go to:

Handout & Images
     These selections were transferred from an L P album purchased by Elizabeth Woerner, and furnished for this purpose by her son, Phillip. 
     Due to the condition of the original album, portions of two selections have been replaced with selections from the 1962 performance which was recorded at the Scottish Rite Cathedral in St. Louis, Mo.

--- the two conditions I chose to replace can be heard here:
from track 4            from track 9


The cantata is broken into twelve tracks / titles divided among three parts. The 1962 program shows the breakdown with scripture reference and annotation, which is available on the pages of the handout at:  MHIG.com, 1962 Program Book

You might notice a difference in the 9 & 10 track organization between the 1962 and the 1972 programs. I choose to present the tracks in accordance with the 1972 program. To that end, the #9 track is titled "As It Began To Dawn" and #10 track is titled "Fear Not Ye", a tenor solo, followed with "Christ Our Lord Is Risen Today" by the chorus.

--- "Sing along files", 3 Parts, 12 Titles ---

(The audio link to each "Track - Title" is found on the "Pages"  you
select below. If your audio is opened in your browser, I suggest that you
open the "audio"  link in "a new tab" so as not to cover the sheet music)

Part 1, The Glorious Promise

Track 1 - Pages 5 - 7

Tracks 2,3, 4 - Pages 8 - 28

Part 2, The Glorious Fulfillment

8. The Crucifixion                                 
Chorus with Bass & Alto Solo

The Messiahs Ministry
Track 5, 6 -
Pages 29 - 38
His Passion and Death
Track 7, 8 - Pages 39 - 62

His Resurrection
Track 9, 10 - Pages 63 - 72

Part 3, The Glorious Consummation

from 1st Corinthians 15
Track 11, 12 -
Pages 73 - 94


Choose one of twelve individual tracks to follow at: MHIG-1972 12 titles (mp3)

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          This page is the result of the effort to revive the work of composer David W Thornton, initiated by Beth Provinse of St Louis, Mo.. Her early research led to the cantata as recorded in 1962 at the Scottish Rite Cathedral. That production is available on a site maintained by Dan Thornton - aptly named myheartisglad.com .
       To my knowledge:
          - the orchestration has not been made available to the public;
          - the initial performance of My Heart Is Glad was presented Easter of 1940 from copies of the manuscript, which was written for piano and organ;
          - in 1944, while the composer was serving in the United States Navy, the St Louis music company of Albert Scholin published that manuscript.
          - the work became widely adopted!
       Please advise of errors.
       Understand that, unlike so many in this family, I am not a musician. I do not pluck a fiddle or blow a horn and cannot read a note of music, but I love to sing (or I did once upon a time). I am the most unlikely person to address a work as impressive as this - but in total agreement with Beth - this is music with a message and it is pleasing to God, methink, to see it preserved and passed on to future generations. Perhaps it should be presented as a .pdf file, or whatever the latest technology happens to be, but that is beyond my "COS" (civilian occupational specialty).
       This can be cleaned up for presentation to choir directors and music departments if you wish?
       Please consider sending any information concerning this work that you feel will enhance the effort to:
Beth Provinse  bethprov@aol.com   and  Dan Thornton  dan@dethornton.com