.... this update made available by our distant cousins, Becky McKenzie Bowman and Jan McKenzie Rice ... October 27, 2019 

Effe Henderson Thorpe
b. 7-17-1876, d. 5-20-1976

   (photo, from Marcia, enhanced by Joe Yarbrough)


    The sisters, Effe and Eliza, spent many of their latter years living in the house, which had been the home of their cousin, Ray Steckel, and his wife, Lena. Vince and Elsie (Thornton) Marquess also lived in this home when first married. This quite natural pose of the two was captured in the dining room of the home.


        Ray and Lena's young granddaughter's Becky (McKenzie) Bowman and Jan (McKenzie) Rice, lived in the front apartment here during this period. Becky recalls the love that these two shared and the joy of having them close ....

 from Becky (McKenzie) 6/17/2019

I remember when both Sam and Doug were born. I used to love going to Aunt Dot's to play with Sammie when you guys were visiting. Wonderful get togethers and reunions and Aunt Dot always made room whether it was four family members or forty. And no one walked away hungry. I was talking to my daughter just the other day about Aunt Dot and Aunt Effe and how I wish now that I would have spent more time with them. They were wonderfully wise ladies and always had time to talk, teach or just listen. They both were always in the word and willing to share their knowledge of the Bible. I still miss them. Aunt Effe gave me her ocean liner trunk that had been to Japan and back 3 times. I still cherish it and it's sitting in my living room next to the couch. Sorry, I didn't mean to travel down memory lane. I know when you sent your message you weren't expecting a whole novel. As to your request, I have a hat box full of pictures that Mom left behind. Nothing is written on the backs of them and I didn't recognize anyone, except Aunt Effe and Grandma Stickel Jones. If you would like, I'll try to find them and send them to you. I didn't want to toss them because I felt they may be of sentimental value to someone in the Greenfield area. Again, I apologize for my verbosity and will wait to hear from you. Your oh so distant cousin, Bekki McKenzie Bowman

... and Jan shares a delightful, unique image of the brick home, long since replaced. 

"Thanks" to these distant cousins for the update!


     For assistance in locating the burial site of Aunt Effe,
    alongside her brother "Rob", and their mother, Lydia.

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Oakwood @ 62044