Ancestry of..
Henderson's (Frank, Esther, Hobert)  & Thornton's (Ruth, Watson, Helen, Elizabeth, David, Lydia)

The "Thornton family" descends from the following named families:    Gash and Bennett   ====    Thornton and Thorpe
The "Henderson family" descends from the following named families: Metcalf and Buchanan  ==  Henderson and Young
The following genealogical record is that of our grandparents,
Eliza Esther Willia (Thorpe) Thornton and Arthur Edwin. Henderson

All credit for this compilation is given to Luther Prentice Allen, and taken from his book(s):
The Genealogy and History of the Descendants of  Mercy Shreve and James White
Sketches of Thomas White Of Ohio

-- Author of source material --
    Mr. L P (Luther Prentice) Allen (p.61), the ninth child and fourth son of Caroline Henderson (p.53) and George W. Allen (founder, Greenfield, Il.) was born in Greenfield, Il. on March 21, 1853. We can only imagine the amount of time this research may have taken Mr. Allen to compile.
    If you wonder, as I do, what the author used in starting his research, he may have alluded to the answer when he writes;

       "As the little company embarked on the keel boat at the bank of the Scioto River, the occasion was a sad one, vividly remembered by the little children. The eldest, Carolyn, distinctly remembered the circumstances. Just before leaving, when all were aboard, her grandfather came on the vessel and handed her mother some papers, remarking, 'Keep them - they may prove of value to you.' " (sk-04) --2nd para.                       

-- the name - Sheriff,     Sreve,     Shreve --
    The name Thomas Sheriff appears at an early stage of emigration to Rhode Island (p.8). It is suggested that over time the spelling was changed. In one instance siblings used two spellings of their name simultaneously. Eventually the only name of record is Shreve.
-- the name - White, Thomas --
    The name Thomas White is repeated in several generations and lines. We are given an account wherein as many as fourteen family members with this name are gathered at one time ( sk-73).    
-- Source of information --
    An original of this publication was graciously offered for copying by Helen (Foster) Swiney, daughter of Esther (Henderson) Foster (p.76). Peter T and Anita Carol (Henderson) White are credited for the copies of that original and the copy provided for this endeavor was made by Kay (Henderson) Rasmussen. Carol Henderson White and Kay Rasmussen are first cousins to Helen Swiney, their father and mother being Hobert F (b. 1900) and Anita (Metcalf) Henderson. Peter T White, unrelated to this ancestry, has an illustrious background with the National Geographic organization.
    We received copies of two booklets, the first, represented here, and the second named Sketches of Thomas White of Ohio. The booklets will be presented in order. If reference in one book is made to the other, the reference will indicate its origin. Links to this book, Genealogy and History, are indicated as "p.##" and links to the book, Sketches, are indicated as "sk-##".
    The table of content's list a greater number of pages than the actual number of pages that were published. In the preface portion, p.IV and p.V, Mr. Allen notes:  
"The returns from
the sale of the limited edition of this volume will but partially remunerate for the time and expense incurred in its compilation. The failure of so many subscribers to respond, as they agreed, compelled the abandonment of inserting illustrations, excepting at the expense of descendants, to whom credit in each case is given. This also compelled the abbreviation, and in some instances the exclusion, of some excellent sketches of some of the later generations, as from the commencement the tendency has been to the enlargement of the work."

    The pages available end with the number 110. It is apparent that the descendants of Robert White and Hope Robbins were excluded.
  -- the presentation --
    This publication is reproduced in hope that Mr. Allen's effort can be enjoyed and utilized by all who view it. We trust it is presented in such manner that the author is given due credit and the format is such that you may easily copy segments or the entire work.

-- the connection --
    The Thornton family connection begins with the marriage (5/29/1901) of J B Thornton, b. 8/6/1875 to Eliza Esther Willia Thorpe, b. 9/22/1874. These are our grandparents and great grandparents.
    Eliza Esther Willia Thorpe Thornton, nicknamed "Dot", is a great granddaughter of Mary White, b. 10/25/1787 (p.53), wife of James Henderson, b. 3/9/1783.      
    Mary White is the daughter of Thomas White, b. 10/26/1752 (pp 27) and Amy McGee, b. --- (p.27).
    Thomas White is the third child born to Mercy Shreve and James White (p.26).
    The  Henderson family connection begins with the marriage of James Henderson and Mary White (
p.53) on 1/1/1808.     
       -- the viewers --    

     Your input into this endeavor is welcomed. Please advise of errors, omissions and history of these and other lines that should be included.
The Genealogy and History of the Descendants of
Mercy Shreve and James White
by:  L. P. Allen
Privately printed (and copyrighted) 1897, Greenfield, Illinois

 Cover,       Copyright - I,    Coat of Arms - II,      Preface - III thru VI,    Tables - VII and VIII

  Cover                             I                               II                III    IV    V    VI                  VII        VIII

"Early Colonial History"
p.1         p.2        p.3        p.4        p.5        p.6        p.7        p.8 

"Early Shreve Families"
Sreve               Sir Wm   Caleb                  Romance of Oara Oara                Gen.
p.9                   p.10        p.11                      p.12   p.13   p.14   p.15                p.16
"Early Shreve Families"
Caleb Shreve of New Jersey, His Children and Grandchildren
p.17        p.18        Home        p.19        p.20        p.21        p.22        p.23        p.24

"Joseph Shreve's Descendants"  p.25

"Mercy Shreve's Descendants"  p.26

"Joseph White's Descendants"  p.27

p.28    p.29    p.30    p.31    p.32    p.33    p.34

Joseph White's Descendants, con't
p.35    p.36    p.37    p.38    p.39    p.40    p.41    p.42    p.43    p.44    p.45


"Thomas White's Descendants" (m. 1st,  Miss Mary Vandyke)   p.45
p.46    p.47    p.48    p.49    p.50    p.51  (see sk-11)    p.52

"Thomas White's Descendants" (m. 2nd,  Amy McGee)
p.53   Mary White, first borne of Amy McGee, Descendants (Henderson line introduced)
p.54   Caroline (Henderson) Allen, 
Mary White and James Henderson's firstborne

p.55    p.56    p.57    p.58    p.59    p.60

the AUTHOR - 9th child of Caroline Henderson and G W Allen, founder.
p.61 L P Allen 

Mary White and James Henderson's Descendants, con't
p.62    p.63    p.64    p.65    p.66    p.67    p.68    p.69    p.70    p.71    p.72

p.73 Edwin Henderson
m. Eliza Jane Williams

Edwin Henderson and Eliza Jane Williams Descendants
Lydia Ann Henderson,
mother of Eliza Esther Willia Thorpe and
Arthur Edwin Henderson,
father of Esther Foster, Frank and Hobert    p.74

    p.76    p.77    p.78    p.79    p.80    p.81    p.82    p.83       

Mary White and James Henderson's Descendants, con't
p.84    p.85    p.86    p.87    p.88

Thomas and Amy (McGee) White's Descendants, con't
(begins with p.88)   
p.89    p.90    p.91    p.92, last

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