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December 28, 2018

Rev. J B Thornton
As I recall his name was given him by the clergy of Blackburn College on
the  occasion of his christening. His parents wish was  to continue the line
of Samuel Watson's, but the name announced was Jesse Blackburn Thornton.
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        This photo is (was) on display at the Sonton Peanut Butter Co. Osaka Japan and the Hope Congregational Church, 4200 Brown Road, St Louis, Missouri.
        A biography, titled "J B Thornton, Man of Faith" was published by Charles Thornton, August of 2014.  If you hope to retain the history of the family you should have a copy of this biography. Much of what I offer here is properly documented in the biography. Disregarding the historical value, you will be blessed by reading the biography. 
        Another dependable source of information is maintained by Dan Thornton on the website: Thornton.Info . Much that I have to offer concerning our family can also be found at that site. Dan has also accumulated much historical data on the family beyond what I have recorded.

Those before him - from folder: 1874 before JB


1st Offer - Published 12/28/2018      
 his father, partial obituary       his grandfather, obituary           
from Dan's website    Collection of Historical Data

his early years (St Joe, Danville, Jacksonville, Havana) - from folder: 1875-1900......

  1st Offer - Published 12/28/2018  
    he was born St. Joseph Mo 1875, died at Greenfield IL 1958.
    Postcard memo concerning grandpa:
his early years from Mom   (updated to pdf file, 1/2/2019)
    High School, football and teaching *                        News item from Danville publication 
    Higher education, Illinois College - Jacksonville       Diploma - by Jesse Bennett Thornton   

    (married  Eliza Williams Thorpe 1900, they live in Havana, Illinois)

Havana to India - from folder: 1901-1907......
1st Offer - Published 12/28/2018
    (Ruth born 1901, SW born 1903 - Havana, 
Helen born 1907 - India)
    1904 Danville, IL. news (* duplicate)                       
Hometown boy enters Mission field
    Paperweight photo, Havana IL.                                 M E Church & photo - by Phil Woerner
    1905, family picture                                                 JB & Dot with Ruth & SamuelWatson
    1906 item - Northwestern Christian Advocate 
          the Seamans Rest - Bombay, India

India to Japan to Greenfield, IL. - from folder: 1908-1911.....

1st Offer - Published 12/28/2018  
his Bible Reading plan / purpose       Schedule digitized by Rob Caldwell 

Greenfield to Japan to St.Louis - from folder: 1912-1926......

St Louis to Greenfield - from folder: 1927-1950......

Greenfield to Heaven - from folder: 1951-1958......

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