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1910 Reading Schedules
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April 20, 2017
Sin Among the Membership
Andy - Feb 25, 2017
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Walking Away From The Holy Spirit
Being Good "Watchmen"
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George Beverly Shea sings The King is Coming (album 32 minutes)
Silent Night (album 25 minutes)
Carroll Roberson Sings An Evening Prayer
MHIG (from Woerner copy)
Easter Notice - My Heart Is Glad
re. "false teachers" (Is 30)

Sam's Testimony
Supreme Court decision
Just a Sinner Saved by Grace
definition of Marriage, 7-12-2015
Praising God, 2015
Photo by Joe Yarbrough
Remembering Aunt Effe & Thanking God
Effe Thorpe, photo of a grand lady

Homecoming, Aug. 5, 2016
2016 Photo's
Visitors to Happy Holler
Deb & Becka, August 8, 2016
Greene Co. History
1872 Atlas, partial 
Greene Co. Hist. data
History of Greenfield
Gr.Co.Historical Book.2015
Martin Thorpe, Settler
James Henderson, Pioneer
History, Presby. Ch., 62044, incomplete
Miscellaneous History
the missing gravesite
History of James & Mary Henderson
Faith Bible Church,   Greenfield, Il.
Supreme Court
Marriage redefined, June 26, 2015

teaching of Marty Zide
Marty Zide, Prophecy - January 25-26, 2014 
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Who Am I   


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from Revelation 5:11 (KJV)
Ten Thousand Times Ten Thousand

Shew me thy ways, O LORD; teach me thy paths. Lead me in
thy truth,
teach me: for thou art the God of my salvation; Ps. 25:4-5a

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1974 letter from Japan to Grandma, Aunt Effe & Mrs. Argall

January, 1974 - mom & dad via cassette.

Cousins gather at Phil's Lakehouse.
Eckel, Bowman, Thornton & Woerners
descendants of Eliza Esther Willia (Thorpe) & Jesse Blackburn Thornton

Timeline worksheet

 of special interest
Beth Provinse is in the process of compiling data on the history, participants and
presentations of the Easter Cantata composed and directed by David W. Thornton.
Use this link to hear one of the selections from that 1962 presentation of:
My Heart is Glad
When It Began To Dawn, Matthew 16

March 2012
This site is published with my great grandchildren in mind:


Goodman                           Thornton                           Zahradka                           Snook

and my grandchildren:

Lansaw girls

Doug & Shirley's boys

Sam & Kim's kids

Sam & Tracy's girls



  and my kids


A pictorial account of my family: 

Sam Thornton Jr, born 1-24-1938    

1941                         1956                            2005                                 2011    

  my grandparents (cir. 1929)

Genealogy                 Sonton Peanut Butter factory, Japan

my parents (cir.1965)

  My father's life as written by his son, Charles

S W & Mary Thornton photographs

... my siblings:

(a few photos will ne added for each as time permits)

    Ruth - 1931     &    Alice - 1931           Charles - 1933          Elsie - 1934          Martha - 1935       

       Sam - 1938          John/Marcia - 1943        Kate - 1947           Nancy - 1951       Susan -  1953     

Birthdates of family members. 


Grandma Sarah Thornton grave and cemetery at Denver Colorado, by Kate Beebe
Grandma Sarah gravesite, by Kate Beebe

The ancestry of the family includes the following Greene Co., Il. pioneers -

James Henderson settled in Whitehall Twp. (1818-19)
Wm. Williams settled in Rubicon Twp. (1833)

Martin Thorpe moved to Rockbridge Twp. (1846)

  James & Mary (White) Henderson    settled in White Hall Twp.
First to settle north of Apple Creek in Greene County.   In  the  spring of 1818 they lived near  Circleville, Ohio and  in the spring of 1819 they settled on land now (2012) owned by Don & Rosemary Nell in Whitehall Twp.
 They are the parents of Edwin Henderson, who married Eliza Jane Williams. They are the fifth great grandparents of Lydia & Isabelle Lansaw

James,    Edwin,    Lydia (Thorpe),    Eliza (JB),    SWT,    Sam Jr,   Susan Lansaw,    Lydia & Isabelle

   a pioneer family, 1818-1819

... sketch from - Greene County Life, by L P Allen
page 16      page 17       pp 18        pp19        pp20        pp21        pp22

James & Mary Henderson family plot
Location -  White Hall Twp.

  ... notes on James Henderson see page 244 of:
History - Greene County

... ancestry of Mary White (Mrs. James Henderson)
Descendants of Mercy Shreve & James White 

 William White and Lydia (Whitehurst) Williams    settled in Rubicon Twp.
  They are the parents of Eliza Jane Williams who married Edwin Henderson.

notes - settlers of Rubicon Twp.        plat of Township

Williams & Henderson family plot - Displaced       location - Rubicon Twp.

Location -  Sam's house, Rubicon Twp.  

Martin Thorpe       settled in Rockbridge Twp.
Martin Thorpe is the father of Ben Thorpe, who married Lydia Henderson.
Martin Thorpe is the 5th great grandfather of :
Kaylee & Rudy Jr. Zahradka and Annabeth Thornton.

Martin,    Ben,    Eliza (JB),    SWT,    Sam Jr,    Sam lll,    Erica,    Kaylee & Rudy Jr
Martin,    Ben,    Eliza (JB),    SWT,    Sam Jr,    Doug,    Joe,    Annabeth  

Martin Thorpe - his Life & Times

 Location -  Oakwood Cemetery - Greenfield

Lansaw activity, May 10, 2012

.... visit the Thornton information website at:

..... from Bernadine  2-25-2012
The testimony and message of a friend diagnosed with "Lou Gehrig's disease".

  Wm. Daughaday on - "getting it right the first time" (m4a)

to submit to this site or questions and comments:
contact - sam@wmsonton.com
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